• Face Care

    Get the best facecare services in Hyderabad at Aakaaraa Salon, the top beauty salon in Banjara Hills. Beauty experts at Aakaaraa will attend to your face care requirements with utmost care and gentleness, bringing a new glow and attraction to your face.

    Youthful, Whitening and Brightening Program

    Express Clean Up (30 Mins) ₹1,800

    It’s a quick-zone treatment that bestows on tired, haggard & dull-looking skin brightening effects. It is suitable for all skin types. This treatment provides the skin hydro lifting effects and controls the adverse effects of UV rays. It additionally gives clarifies complexion and leaves your skin looking smooth and youthful.

    Facials (60 Mins) ₹2,700

    Useful for slow aging process, and reduces pigmentation and tanning. Gives the skin excellent whitening effect and perfect texture. This facial therapy contains precious trace elements and minerals which soothes the skin and maintains the natural hydration.

    Treatment Facial (90 Min) ₹3,900

    It is an excellent repairing treatment. It is effective on age spots, reduces fine lines and relieves dehydrated skin. Treatment Contains pure D.N.A and amino acid which stimulate and provides vitality and softness to unbalanced skin. This treatment gives significant benefits including skin purification, nourishment and age control.

    Note: We do not use steam or any surgical needles to remove blackheads and whiteheads.
    Caution: After facial treatment, skin becomes temporarily hypersensitive like that of a baby soft and delicate like rose petal and will need some time to absorb the facial products.
    Avoid makeup.
    Avoid smoking and alcohol.
    Do not apply any products.
    Avoid traveling immediately after a facial.
    Do not touch and clean face right after a facial.
    Avoid the sun, pollutants, harsh chemicals and swimming immediately after facial.